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Mapa de Jalisco

The mission of Haciendas, Casonas y Estancias de Jalisco is to offer you extraordinary experiences that allow you to satisfy your way of life in the art of living.


These include constructions that have endured centuries, with wide corridors and patios as large as the adobe walls demanding respect and embracing you with their unrivalled aroma of the village.


You will have the opportunity of experiencing history in this world of yesteryear, of finding yourself in establishments that are unique and special, of touring magical towns with cultural and historic wealth and of feeling the warmth of the local inhabitants.


Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, our spacious installations including accommodations, spas, events and business centers that will allow you to enjoy and coexist with nature.


You will also experience the culture and traditions of the inhabitants, relish the most authentic Mexican cuisine, and listen to stories impregnated with legends, myths and fantasies. All of this will transport you to a magical world difficult to forget and leaving you with pleasant memories.


Let your dreams become realities in the Haciendas and Rural Homes of Jalisco.


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