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Hotel Casona de Manzano
Mapa Hotel Casona de Manzano

Casona Hotel Casona de Manzano

Just imagine that wherever you glance you see enormous oil paintings in which the chiaroscuros are outlined by a golden light that lends to every corner an almost ethereal presence. Such is the Casona de Manzano when you enter and stroll through it for the first time.

This ancient mansion from the end of the 18th century, located in the cool temperate climate of Tapalpa, Jalisco, was once part of the settlements where the collaborators of the Hacienda Buenavista were lodged. Since 1920 the house passed into the patrimony of the Manzano family.

One of its descendants, Irma Manzano, is currently the owner, and she is the person with whom you will have contact and converse during your visit.

Hostal Casona de Manzano may be found just a block from the town's historic center, 15 minutes from the tourist attractions of Las Piedras (the giant rocks) the Presa del Nogal (the dam of the walnut trees) and 45 minutes from the waterfall El Salto del Nogal.

Located 140 kilometers from the city of Guadalajara, you may take either the old highway or the toll road towards Ciudad Guzman until you reach the turn-off for Tapalpa. Just keep following the signs until you arrive at the village. The approximate travel time from Guadalajara to Tapalpa is one and a half hours.

You will enjoy our breakfast specialties such as swiss chard tamales, gorditas (small, thick corn tortillas cooked on a grill and covered with meat with chili, beans, chiles with cheese, etc.), el champurrado (a hot drink made with corn and chocolate) and some recipes which, honestly, are known only to us such as the Picadilla de Semillas Crudas, a dish probably of prehispanic origin, made with vegetables, tomato sauce and squash seeds.



The average temperature in Tapalpa is 17 degrees centigrade (63 degrees Fahrenheit). The rainy season begins at the end of May and ends in October. From November to February is when the temperatures fall to include occasional freezes. The hot season is April and May, although it cools off at night.


Comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes, tennis shoes, and a warm jacket or wrap for the cool nights.

  • Game room
  • Panoramic terrace
  • Restaurant
  • Meeting room for 35 persons
  • Parking
  • VIP Home Theater
  • Piano bar
  • Holistic SPA
  • Temazcal (steam room)


Nine suites with ecological chimneys

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